Proof of Attendance or Attendance Confirmation

Proving that your staff have actually attended a client site on schedule can be a real headache for some businesses. We can provide two services that take the headache out of time management and give you attendance confirmation.

Land Line System

For smaller businesses (and budgets) we provide a land line telephone based solution. Simply put, your staff member arrives at a client’s site and uses (a previously registered) client phone to dial a free phone number, enters their unique PIN number and registers their arrival and departure. This is at no cost to your clients.

In this way we build up a picture of staff visits to clients, time spent at clients sites and we can then automatically update the Site Attend solution to provide the automatic payroll updates.


Solo is an advanced suite of programs and mobile phone applications from our mobile phone partner Mobile-e-Solutions Ltd.

It utilises suitable RFID tags placed at strategic points at your client’s site. A mobile phone app is then used by your staff to check in and out of the site – this gives guaranteed proof of arrival (as the tags cannot be duplicated or removed).

If your business requires more than simple proof of attendance, Solo provides you with user definable menus to allow your staff to capture additional data, order parts, receive instructions, capture voice and video to record incidents. Lone worker protection is a standard feature of this product.

All modules integrate with Site Attend to provide the full suite of attendance and management information.