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About BBP Security Services

BBP Security Services is a Wolverhampton-based company whose three directors have a combined 50 years of experience in the fields of Event Security and Static & Patrol Services.

The Issues

BBP Security Services provide security for a wide variety of events throughout the year. Music Festivals such as Glastonbury and Slamdunk require a lot of staff with particular skill sets and experience. Events and schedules were managed via complex spreadsheets and staff were informed of shifts by managers manually texting each staff member in turn, waiting for responses and then manually updating the spreadsheets. Changes to schedules and shifts also had to be done manually. All this was time-consuming and prone to errors and missed shifts and opportunities.

The Solution

SiteAttend worked with BBP Security Services to implement the Event Planning system. Events, staff and skill sets are recorded on the web-based database and planned staff allocations are automatically sent out to eligible staff and their responses are automatically captured. This has resulted in immense time savings for BBP.

Working with SiteAttend has been a pleasure. They took time to look at what we do and come up with a solution that meets our exact needs. We used to spend an awful lot of time chasing staff via text messages and phone calls and all our schedules were updated manually. Now it’s all available from one screen – Fantastic
Operations Manager, BBP Security Services

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