Event Planning

Organising events and event planning can be a stressful occupation and getting the right staff in to steward the event or provide security for that event only adds to the problem.

You may have hundreds of temporary and permanent staff on your books, you may have staff on zero hours contracts and all these staff may have different and complimentary skill sets – all of which need to be matched to the events in question.

KPI's and dashboards to keep you informed - SiteAttendSo, after you have spent ages looking through your staff register to identify the right candidates, you then have to start the laborious task of contacting each person to offer them the chosen shifts. This could be via phone calls, text messages, emails etc and all of their responses (or lack of them) have to be co-ordinated with not only the current event being planned but also with every other event on your books.

Complicated, time-consuming, prone to errors and potential staff issues with shift patterns being offered – well not any more thanks to our latest addition to Site Attend – an Event Planning Software solution.

With our Event Planning Software you can see at a glance how many events are in progress and how many shifts still need to be staffed and any replies from staff that you have still to action.

Most, if not all, of your staff will have mobile phones (of one sort or another) and so we use text messaging to keep staff informed of assigned shifts and any changes that have been made to schedules. This is the cornerstone to our Event Management solution. We continuously monitor incoming and outgoing text messages and relate them back to the particular events to give you the complete picture at a glance.

No more missed shifts due to misunderstandings!

Events organisers have to be flexible when it comes to managing schedules, if an event has to be cancelled it takes only a few clicks to inform all of the staff involved by text.

Once the event is over, updating the shifts to show actual staff hours is simple.

We produce payroll reports based on the staff schedules worked – cutting down on the amount of hours spent trying to collate and reconcile who was where and when. The report aggregates all time by staff and location and takes into account different pay rates such as double time for working public holidays etc..

All personnel details are stored within Site Attend as well as maintaining event locations, tasks and staff uniform requirements for different events. This makes it much simpler to allocate jobs to staff members at the touch of a button.

Event Planning Software features:-

  • Web based event scheduling made easy – view from most internet enabled devices
  • Send event details to staff instantly by text and receive & match responses
  • Store details of personnel and events and event logistics
  • Management Information
  • Payroll reporting
Event Management

You can even respond to staff queries that have been sent in by text within the system.


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